Chemical Peels


Classic Skin of Tulsa Chemical Peels

What happens when the outer epidermal layer of skin is removed? More skin cells grow back in frenzied fashion. New skin may be needed because skin can take a beating with sun damage, free radicals, acne or aging over the years. A chemical peel stimulates a new layer of skin, clearing blemishes and regenerating an even skin tone while also erasing fine lines. Our physician owned and operated facility, Classic Skin of Tulsa, is your Tulsa chemical peel headquarters.

What is a chemical peel? 

A chemical peel is the application of a chemical solution that safely removes the outer layer of skin. Many clients we treat have sun damage, hyperpigmentation issues, acne scares or fine lines. From mild to strong solutions, we have a variety of exfoliating acids available for targeting all different skin situations. Our highly trained estheticians at Classic Skin of Tulsa will determine which solution is appropriate for your unique skin.

The process of a chemical peel:

·      A deep skin cleansing

·      Acidic exfoliate is applied (the time the solution remains on skin varies due to individualized skin needs).

·      Solution is removed

·      A neutralizing agent and cleansing process may be necessary

·      Application of a healing ointment to the skin

Recovery is dependent on the depth of the chemical peel. A deeper peel may provide more immediate results, but recovery time is increased. Clients may prefer a series of less penetrating peels to achieve their desired look with shorter recovery times.

Do I need a chemical peel?

If you are concerned with your complexion, a chemical peel may be the adequate solution to achieve an even, healthy glow. Factors such as skin disease, cuts or current acne outbreak, may disqualify you from a procedure or merely postpone a chemical peel.

We are happy to provide you a consultation to discuss skin care options and develop a treatment plan. You could be just an appointment away from having healthier, more beautiful skin, like our many satisfied chemical peel clients.