Facials at Classic Skin of Tulsa

Facials are one of the top epidermal treatments in the world and an excellent source to maintain the health of your skin. Many women receive monthly facials as part of their normal beauty routine. At Classic Skin of Tulsa, we offer a standard European facial with an added bonus—a free mini-massage!

Benefits of a facial:

·      Cleanses skin

·      Provides essential nutrients

·      Exfoliates

·      Adds hydration

·      Helps complexion

·      More youthful appearance

What happens during a facial?

Our talented aestheticians at Classic Skin of Tulsa will begin the treatment by covering your hair with a headband or towel prior to the procedure. The first step in the facial is to perform a deep cleanse. After your face is clean, an analysis of your skin will determine your skin type and current condition. This is an important step that ensures the aesthetician can correctly choose products, treatments and other recommendations based on your skin type.

With clean skin and analysis, your aesthetician will then began exfoliating the skin—removing dead skin cells. When the dead skin cells are removed, the stimulation encourages the growth of new epidermal cells. After exfoliation, is the extraction process. During the process, pores are saturated in steam allowing them to become prepped for the removal of deeply penetrated dirt and oil,through slight pressure on the skin. This process is optional for clients.

After extraction, is a purification step. This is a final cleaning before the appropriate facial mask for your skin type is applied. If you need a nourishing mask for your dry skin or one that will address an issue with acne, we are prepared to handle all skin situations at Classic Skin of Tulsa. 

During the facial, we will also work to ease tension in your neck, upper back and shoulders through massage. At the end of the facial, a skin specific moisturizer is applied.

Our hope is to not only make your skin feel amazing, but to provide you with a complete sense of relaxation.