Juvederm at Classic Skin of Tulsa

The muscle surrounding our mouths are in constant movement—smiling, talking, chewing or almost any expression. Each movement requires the contraction of muscle. The constantly moving tissue eventually leaves its mark on the skin through lines and wrinkles.

At Classic Skin of Tulsa, our physician owner and operator, Sharon Smithson, is trained to safely treat our Juvederm® patients with care and precision. You will leave our facility proud to show off your new, youthful look.


As another option to surgical enhancement, Juvederm® treatments are a quick and simple approach to achieving instantly smoother skin surrounding the mouth and nose. The injections, under the administering of Sharon Smithson, are rather painless as well. Topical numbing agents are available if needed. 

Often, our clients receiving a Juvederm® injection also undergo a complementary cosmetic procedure to achieve an optimal age-defying appearance.

Many of our Tulsa Juvederm® patients, both male and female ages 21 and over, see results from one treatment alone. These injections are known for lasting up to one year, and most treatments take less than 30 minutes to administer.

What is Juvederm®?

Juvederm® is a gel-based injectable comprised of hyaluronic acid—a naturally occurring substance found in body connective tissue that adds volume to skin. It can be referred to as a “filler.” Being of organic base, the product has proven safe for patients. Juvederm® is not to be confused with its sister product, Juvederm Voluma,® which targets the cheek area. During the short procedure, a topical anesthetic can be applied to reduce discomfort.

The filler is expected to last nine months and up to one year, until the hyaluronic acid is absorbed into the skin. The procedure can then be repeated.

Where is Juvederm® administered?

Juvederm® is specifically designed to treat mouth lines including: smile/parenthesis, corner, marionette and vertical lip lines.  However, the injection is not limited to those areas. It targets deep, creviced lines.

At Classic Skin of Tulsa, we look forward to consulting with you to discuss your anti-aging and treatment plan and scheduling your Juvederm® session. You could be just an appointment away from a younger, natural looking you.

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