Dysport at Classic Skin of Tulsa

You may not be familiar with the term "glabellar lines" but if you are over the age of 30, (and possibly younger), you have probably noticed two large, growing creases between your eyebrows—your “frown lines” or glabeller lines. Unfortunately, the best daily skin care regiment can’t tackle pesky wrinkles completely. They are stubborn and love to call attention to themselves.

Thankfully, a Classic Skin of Tulsa Dysport® application can resurrect your smooth skin from years of aging (and hopefully not too much frowning). Just normal facial movement will cause the lines to appear. At Classic Skin of Tulsa, owned and operated by Sharon Smithson, you will be under expert care. Sharon Smithson has years of experience with cosmetic injectables and will administer the prescription with precision, leaving you with a few less lines on your face.

Why Dysport®?

After a 10 to 20 minute injection, you can receive up to four months of a frown line free face. Another benefit is little to no downtime after the procedure, plus the ability to repeat the procedure.

What is Dysport®?

Similar to BOTOX,® the product is a Botulinum Toxin Type A, blocking the nerve signal to the muscle to prevent the contraction of muscles which causes wrinkles. The injections are administered at five points, above and between the eyebrows, to halt the facial muscles from forming the frown lines and leaving the rest of the face to conduct natural movement.

Where is Dysport® administerd? 

Dysport® is not limited to frown lines as mentioned above but other trouble areas too. Since many wrinkles including frown lines and forehead lines are created by facial movement and not necessarily age, Dysport® is an optimal choice for younger clients over age 21. Many of our Dysport® clients receive the injection as a complementary procedure to other cosmetic enhancements.

At Classic Skin of Tulsa, we look forward to consulting with you to discuss your anti-aging and treatment plan and scheduling your Dysport® session. You could be just an appointment away from a younger, natural looking you.