Radiesse at Classic Skin of Tulsa

Although all body parts age simultaneously, our skin,—the largest organ we have—presents the most visible signs to the world. A major factor in wrinkles and sagging skin is the loss of collagen and elastin. These skin elements can deplete more quickly with environmental factors like sun damage, stress and smoking.

A Radiesse® Classic Skin of Tulsa treatment can fight back the aging process. During the procedure, you will be under the expertise of our physician owner and operator, Sharon Smithson. Sharon, with years of experience, will administer the prescription dermal filler with precision and care.

Our Tulsa cosmetic injection patients have been thrilled with the outcome of their Radiesse® treatments at the expert hands of Ms. Smithson and enjoy leaving our med spa with years erased from their skin.

Why Radiesse®?

With a Classic Skin of Tulsa RADIESSE® treatment, not only will volume be added to skin to smooth wrinkles, but the injectable will make more collagen—hooray! The look is not only natural but long lasting—over a year in many patients. If you are concerned about the discomfort of the injections, RADIESSE® is also approved to be used with the anesthetic Lidocaine to reduce pain during procedure.

What is Radiesse®?

Radiesse® is a gel comprised of calcium hydroxyapatite microspheres. After injected into a troubled area, the product creates immediate volume. The calcium hydroxyapatite also facilitates the regeneration of new collagen over time. Once the body absorbs the active ingredient, collagen remains.

Where is Radiesse® administered?

Radiesse® is designed to target both deep wrinkles like the lines from your nose to mouth. Many patients also treat the back side of the hand when stricken with loss of volume. Together, we can determine what areas of your skin would benefit most from a Radiesse® treatment.

At Classic Skin of Tulsa, we look forward to consulting with you to discuss your anti-aging and treatment plan and scheduling your Radiesse® session. You could be just an appointment away from a younger, natural looking you.