Sculptra™ at Classic Skin of Tulsa

A Classic Skin of Tulsa Sculptra™ treatment is popularly used to restore volume to hollow areas of the temples, cheeks, chin and under the eyes, as well as to define the jaw line. This treatment restores volume and fill out facial features, such as hollows under the eyes and sunken cheeks. Our Tulsa clients appreciate Sculptra™ because the results from these easy treatments are long lasting. It is not recommended for use in and around the lips. Lips and wrinkles are best treated with other products such as Restylane or Juvederm.

How does it work?

Sculptra™ is made from a safe, synthetic injectable material known as “poly-L-lactic acid.” This filler is ideal for replacing facial fat loss, which occurs as a natural result of the aging process. By increasing collagen production, it will gradually and significantly increase skin thickness and volume, especially along the cheeks.

Sculptra™ is best used for adding volume to:
- hollow cheeks, chin area or temples
- defining the jawline
- softening boney cheekbones
- nasolabial and melolabial folds (nose to mouth/mouth to chin)
- some body sites

At Classic Skin of Tulsa, we look forward to consulting with you to discuss your anti-aging and treatment plan and scheduling your Sculptra™ session. You could be just an appointment away from a younger, natural looking you.

Sculptra at Classic Skin of TulsaSculptra at Classic Skin of Tulsa