Classic Skin of Tulsa Microneedling

Collagen is your skin’s best friend. It keeps skin plump, firm, smooth and evenly toned. This friendship can be strained, however, by the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, sagging surfaces, scarring or large pores. At this point , your skin may need a boost—a collagen boost. At our physician owned and operated facility at Classic Skin of Tulsa, we are pleased to provide microneedling to resurface your skin in a non-invasive manner.

What is microneedling?

Microneedling forces the skin to produce more collagen through the use of fine needles. These needles are inserted into the skin and create fractional injuries that can be thought of as channels. These needle-induced holes stimulate the new collagen production. With added collagen, the skin is plumped, resurfaced and firmer with an even skin tone.

Prior to the procedure, a topical numbing agent is applied to the skin. During the micro needling, sensations may include pressure, warmth and tingling. The treatment shouldn’t be painful, but the skin may be red for several hours following.

A series of three to six treatments in four to six week intervals is standard for best results,. For many patients, the procedure is an alternative to a chemical peel or laser treatment.

Do I need a microneedling procedure?

If you have wrinkles, scars or are just seeking a healthy glow, micro needling is a fantastic option. The procedure can be used on all skin types and areas of the body. The procedure can reduce blemishes for those with acne. Other skin procedures may disqualify acne patients.

We look forward to scheduling a consultation with you at Classic Skin of Tulsa to discuss your options and to create a skin care plan customized to your individual needs. You are only an appointment away from joining other Tulsa microneedling clients with brighter and younger looking skin.